Off-sight reasearch

After looking into how to communicate with others. I wanted to look at some other peoples work and see how they show their drawings.


This picture show lots of information on how the character look and even how he acts. Showing the different kind of slash by drawing a different length and shape.



Research so far……

After researching on why it good to be able to draw. Realizing that how difficult it would be able to think about your idea but you will need to able to show other people your idea. On the animation side it will be help to be able to drawing if you need help animating the next key frame. So after looking into why it important to draw, it really makes me think about how I draw and I should put more effort into my drawings.


Storyboarding or framing is a very critical stage of any animation production. The storyboarding process breaks down the script into scenes equivalent to those that will be seen in the final film. This process takes into account what camera moves and angles will be needed to best tell the story. Both in 2D and 3D animation it has now become more or less common practice to digitize the storyboard frames and create a timed sequence called animatic – in this moving  version of the storyboard, the filmmaker will be able to visualize the timing and rhythm of the film. This shows another good reason on why it is Important to be able to draw down your ideas and make sure that they are easy to read and showing the amount of detail that the scene requires 

Working with others

Drawing can be used at a purely communicative level. This means that rather than helping to develop a concrete object, it issued to transmit ideas or concepts. Working in a large groups there might need concepts to help create what they need into a 3D model. This is another good reason why it’s a good idea to practice your drawing skills. 

Seeing a New

After seeing all these anatomy picture that I found. I can see that all of these would help out with my 3D modelling. Plus with all the movement sketch’s it will be able to improve how i see my animation  and change it to how I want them to look like.


Right with this blog I will go through why it is very important to be good a drawing to help out with everything you need to do as a 3D Animator. I will be giving links and picture all the the different reason why it’s good.